Saturday, November 04, 2006

we're coming along

it's saturday. the water has been coming out of the sky steadily for the last couple of days, but at least it's gotten warmer. in about 48 hours i'll be on a beach in mexico, so here's the word before i go --

the walls are coming down -- dan spent a good deal of the last few days in there with our nutty friend ron and some big metal tools, pulling things down from the walls. more & more the view is shaping up to how it's going to be -- open, sweeping, pretty cool.

we met with the contractors (we like them, by the way) & found out just how much this is likely to cost. that's what caused the look on my face in the photo below. well, so it goes. we're moving forward with it.

the up news is that, since we're skipping the idea of using half of the room for private parties, the rest of the buildout schedule has stepped up -- we'll still close right after the new year, but we may be down for significantly less time than thought before. i'm not yet placing any bets, but i will let you know.

adios for now,



Blogger Michelle Grimord said...

eek! I'm so excited for you!

I'll be in town around thanksgiving, I'll have to stop by and see all this ruckus for myself. Good luck!

7:29 AM  

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