Thursday, September 13, 2007

Top floor of the Corner Market Building

The bar at the top of the Market.
For reservations, please call (206) 467-7909

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

computer guy in jamaica


hey, everyone --

yes, it's july. yes, we're open. this is the first time i've had to really sit & compose my thoughts enough to write.

first off, we're busy. that's for damn sure. one of my long-time regulars, upon getting turned away the other day, said he was happy that even though we're now 3 times the size (he was off a bit) the wait is still the same. it seems that bigger restaurant = more phone calls, on an exponential level. just like the old days, if you show up at 11:30 without a reservation we're gonna tell you you can get in at 1:15 or so.

second, we're not really all there yet (on many levels) -- we're waiting for shelving that was on order weeks ago but doesn't seem to really exist (my kitchen staff refers to it as the "shelving of mass destruction" -- we've got a cooler that freezes & a freezer that only cools, all brand new of course. the website still said we were closed for almost 2 weeks after we had reopened because tom, my bar guy & computer tech, happenened to be in jamaica on his honeymoon. todd's in india for the whole month.

otherwise -- hey, what the hell -- it's a restaurant again.

we're doing great numbers, we put together a dy-no-mite new staff of fun & cool people & we like each other & we don't really care so much if you enjoy the place or not.

no -- really, we tried as hard as we could to make this place seem as much like matt's as possible & i think we got at least a good deal of it right. if you think you're disoriented when you come in here, take just a moment & consider how it feels to me. i cooked on the line with the guys a couple of nights ago & i can barely keep up with the salads.i'm used to facing north when i work. i've made a full-time job of cleaning & reorganizing the office. you should see how much linen we get every couple of days.

it's good to be back. almost unanimously you people have welcomed our return openly, with friendship & genuine affection & i've missed pretty much all of you --

well, maybe not you, peter --

it's good to be back. thank you.


Getting ready for the lunch crowd...

Monday, June 25, 2007

WE'RE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we're open!

for right now, lunch is every day, 11:30 - 2:30

dinner is monday - saturday, 5:00 - 10:00

for reservations, please call 467-7909

see you!

Monday, June 18, 2007

june 18

ok, here goes --

if things go just right, we're hoping to load this place with food, prep up & make sure we still know what the hell we're doing, go get some wine & booze & open the doors -- it'll mean a couple of practice sessions and a bunch of cleaning & organization, & then perhaps we'll be open some time over the weekend.

i really wish i had better info for you -- we've gotten a couple of inspections under our belt, with about 3 to go, including the health inspection thursday afternoon. the hood is ready, most of the plumbing is connected but we may have to repair part of the gas line, some of the cabinets aren't here & some of the equipment either got delivered incorrectly or wasn't even ordered. so it goes.

we're getting all of our staff together tonight to go over a game plan. we're all ready for you.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

today's news

it's wednesday the 13th -- keep it to yourselves, but we'll be open sometime next week -- say, by friday the 22nd? no shit.

the equipment is all in & being hooked up -- the hood is about 99% complete. our health inspection is scheduled for monday the 18th. after that, we can prep & go.

thanks for watching & waiting -- catffish is about to be had.

i will post again the evening of the 18th.

look for us soon!

it's gonna be a kitchen

chet still thinks we're using butane

Monday, June 11, 2007

needs more cowbell...

It's quite the space...
Somethin's cookin' they say in Jamaica: "Soon come..."

Saturday, June 09, 2007

tuttle ... buttle ...