Saturday, January 13, 2007

january 13

well, let me tell you -- i have adjusted to my new schedule!

i leave here whatever time i want on friday, turn off my phone & don't turn it back on until sometime monday -- i stick around at home mornings to walk the dog, i come home while it's still light out to make dinner for my wife. i just wish it would snow some more, since i don't really have to be anywhere right now.

this is cool. is this how you guys have been doing it all along, & didn't tell me?

things are happening -- it may be hard to see from these photos, but the plumbing & electrical are well underway. we've been struggling to get some response regarding our gas hookup -- what's here isn't at all up to code & we may have to pay to make it that way, but we're still moving forward. the recent massive power outage hasn't made the utility companies exactly awash in free time to come talk to us about it, but we'll get it settled.

it's really uplifting to me, after a decade of making do with the way things were in the space, to
be actually putting in the correct plumbing & fixtures that should have been here from the start. all the rotted wood is gone, all of the surfaces are now cleanable, sealable & sanitary.

we had an employee meeting yesterday -- there were one or two things to go over, but mainly i was lonely & wanted to see my good friends again, & i think the feeling may have been kind of mutual. everyone was pleased with the look of the space. a lot of the final issues of bar design, decor & layout are coming together, as well. we may even have a few surprises for you.

ok, that's all for now. check out tom's photos -- click on the pictures so you can really see them up close, & keep your fingers crossed for march. february 15 will be our guest chef night at the (also new) farestart - that's a thursday - there may still be some reservation space left if you call soon. if you're downtown & promise not to interfere with the work that's going on, you can always stick your head into the new door, or come around the corner to see me in the office -- that is, if i haven't already gone home for the day.

hi ho,


oh, ps - i haven't forgotten to update you on jeff's sex life like i promised, i just don't think there's been anything to tell.
see ya, mj


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