Saturday, April 28, 2007

new hours, new menus

hey, here's what's new this week --

- we've set our hours for the new place.

having the extra prep space & the lounge gives us better flexibility, so we'll be keeping part of the room open with a smaller menu during the afternoons & later into the evening. we'll also start opening earlier on the weekends with some breakfast-oriented items on the menu as well as our standard lunch stuff. and, we're going to add sundays & monday nights.

here's the schedule:

lunch monday - friday, 11:30 - 2:30 lounge appetizers 3:00 - 5:00

saturday-sunday, 9:00 - 3:00

dinner monday - saturday, 5:00 - 10:00 sunday 4:00 - 7:00

if we schedule special events like wine dinnners, maybe we'll mostly do them on sundays

- we've drafted lunch & dinner menus for opening.

i'm not savvy enough to figure out how to upload them onto this blog, but i've hung copies outside the restaurant & sent copies to tom to post on the website. if you see me out around town, pretty much anywhere but in the sauna, i'm probably carrying a marked-up copy i can show you.

we like it. having more equipment may not be so damn cute as before, but it opens up a lot more menu possibilities. the oyster sandwich comes back, the range of salads & appetizers is bigger & we're reintroducing entrees to the lunch menu. of course we're keeping the catfish & tuna sandwiches (going back to ahi tuna) but now we can also serve a lamb burger from don & joe's meats. we've also decided to make the commitment to serving humanely-treated, hormone-free animals & sustainable fish. i think pigs are pretty cool, but i still like eating them.

so it goes. it's good talking at you -- i kind of feel like a radio dj, hoping someone's out there listening. we've actually been sitting idle for a couple of weeks for various reasons but we should be swinging back into the loop this week -- as soon as i have a newly-estimated timeline, i'll share it. believe me, i am looking forward to seeing you all. well, maybe not you, peter.

enjoy the sun while we've got it.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the big eruption

hey, ho. so it goes.

you know i'm always looking for a portentous opening date, so how's about ---

mount saint helens day?

(that's may 18, in case you're not from around here)

it works for me on a lot of levels -- a significant date, one we can achieve if we stop running into troubles. also, it'll be the 27th anniversary of the eruption,
& 27 is my favorite number. what more do we need?

we had a wine tasting in the space the other day -- live jazz, made the food over at chez shea, lots of happy people. the tunes sound great in here, the room looks good. now it's just a matter of getting the last of the stuff in & getting all of our builders back on track. I gotta tell you -- i'm pretty tired of my desk by now.
in mid-may we've got a wine dinner scheduled (it's booked)-- a couple of days later my friends amy & jr are getting married in the space, which is going to be pretty cool. after that we gear up, practice making some food & plan our parties. eventually, we open.
the place is looking great, we just need to get the last 25% done.

so that's what i've got for now. hey, ho.


rip -- billy pilgrim 1923-2007 so it goes.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

may day! may day!

OK, how's May Day?

you know, in construction projects like this there's always a hang-up somewhere, & this is no exception. a couple of pieces of vital equipment aren't here -- the hood is still traveling somewhere, the gas lines are yet to be hooked up. we're scraping together the last of our funds so that we can make it all come together. right now, if the gods smile & the pieces fall out of the sky beautifully, we'll be open right around the first of may.

when i was a kid, may day was kind of a big deal. my brother & i would go pick flowers & try to sneak them over to the neighbor's house in the morning, to lay them on their doorstep. i don't know if you were aware that i grew up on a farm, but there's not a whole lot of sneaking up you can do when your driveway's a tenth of a mile long, so i'm sure they always saw us coming.

anyway, keep your eyes open around the start of may, maybe bring me a flower to lay on my doorstep & come see the place firsthand even if it's not quite open, & i hope we're all eating catfish again soon.

hey, ho. matt