Thursday, May 31, 2007

what's the time?

so this guy is driving down the highway & passes an orchard. he sees this farmer holding up a pig so that it can gobble apples right off the tree. the pig is going crazy eating apples.

"that's the craziest thing i ever saw," the guy tells himself & he pulls over to the side of the road, gets out of the car, & goes up to the farmer.

"hey, i couldn't help noticing what you were doing. does your pig like apples?"

the farmer says, "my pig loves apples."

"well, if you don't mind my saying so, if you took a stick & knocked the apples on the ground instead of lifting the pig up, you would save lots of time."

and the farmer answers, "what's time to a pig?"

-- michael kaminsky, pig perfect

see you soon?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

it's gonna be june

hello. it's gonna be june.

as much as i've tried to be in denial about it, that's the word. late june at that, at best.

there's just too much still to do, and perhaps a couple of things that have to be redone, most notably involving the hood. as you can see from tom's latest photos, the bar top is in. the counter tiles are going in soon, shelving is going up, the dishmachines are here & the hot water tank is installed (it's nice & big -- we like hot water). some time next week the hood will be coming in via the window -- we'll try to get photos.

so there you have it, again. i'm not even going to throw out any dates until we get closer, though i have a couple of ideas. if it's any consolation to you, i usually go without lunch, too.

since i've got a bit of time on my hands, i took a part-time job the other day. if you want to come see me, you can find me cooking in madrona at restaurant cremant, sunday & monday nights (reservations are recommended -- 322-4600). the place is great, the food's really good -- it's great practice for me & it gets my ass off the couch. plus, i live a couple of blocks away -- you can't beat the commute.

there you have it for now -- i'm off to cook catfish sandwiches for the staff of delaurenti. i'll be in touch.

happy 33, chet!


Monday, May 21, 2007

The Bar

How about a Scotch?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the ides of may

well, it's now mid-may

unfortunately, we're really nowhere near there yet.

back in late march/early april, when delays had put us seriously behind, it was necessary for our contractors to go onto other job commitments. like pushing a big snowball down a hill (a little spokane lore for you there), this set us back everywhere -- mechanical permits, fabrication of equipment, everything. to make it worse, our head guy on the job had a long-planned vacation -- in south africa -- and as soon as he got back a little over a week ago he went right into the hospital for emergency surgery.

ken's fine, by the way, though a little immobilized and perhaps rather fond of his percoset. as of yesterday he & i have begun to set the wheels back into motion.

so here's the latest, and i should know more at the end of the day:

- mechanical is complete. this means we have permits in hand for the installation of the hood, pending coordination with our landlord, the pda, for the roof penetration. if you were to come in to look at the restaurant right now, you'd see that the entire back kitchen & dish area walls are painted & the fire retardant wall panels are installed. it's all ready for the hood, the back kitchen stainless wall & then all of the hot, cold & plumbing appliances. amazingly, once we can set that date for penetration the whole thing can be done in a matter of a couple of days, from bringing the stuff up the stairs to plugging it in & turning it on.

- the much-talked-about gas line is ready. the market made it past all of the red tape the city could deal & have gotten everything prepared for us -- it's now just pending the installation of the hood & final connections of our plumbing lines.

- the liquor license is in hand. after lost applications in the mail & a good deal of miscommunication, we've achieved the right to "dispense" liquor (i love that word).

- our tile-work has yet to be done. that was to be ken's baby, but he's now unable to do the heavy work so we're farming the job out. we think we've got the guys to do it.

so, once we get our equipment in & connected, there's still a bunch of finish work to be done, lighting installation, stereo hookup, etc. we're looking at some weeks. i wish it weren't so.

on the positive side, we've hired some great people -- i'm looking forward to working with the new team. some new faces, a bunch of familiar ones. the restaurant is looking wonderful -- we actually pulled off a wedding in there last saturday and, although it was lot of work, it came off well. the room's good for a party - tom's a natural at shaking a cocktail.

there you have it. i should know more by the end of the day -- whenever i feel i can give out a new calendar, i will do so. keep thinking good thoughts, watch out for wolfowitz & go get out in the sun.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Menus!

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