Tuesday, December 12, 2006

december 12, & new year's eve

hello, everyone --

it's now mid-december, high in the holiday season. all of our off-premise caters are over with, we've got a couple of private parties coming up, & there's just over 2 weeks left of business left before it all goes away.

here's what's new:

- there's a hole in the wall!

first thing this morning the guys came in & cut a doorway into the new space, right between table 1 & table 2, next to the mirror (kind of through it, actually).
I was as surprised as my staff. it's there to give us all access to the new year's eve party (details to follow).

- the room is empty!

last week they brought in a couple of really hardworking guys & took all of the rubble down the stairs -- sheetrock, insulation, wine boxes dating back to last september -- all gone. the framing has begun, fleshing out the cocktail lounge area, & I am pleased to say it is a lot smaller-looking than you might think from the blueprints. it will all still be very cozy when we're done.

so far as we know, we're still on track -- it's way too far away for me to make serious predictions, but the good news is that the plumbing situation looks way better than we expected -- that saves us time right there. equipment is being ordered & things are falling into place.

- now, for new year's eve:

until last week, when the rubble went away, we weren't sure we'd be open at all for new year's eve, but that has changed

this year we will be throwing a party, starting at 10 pm in the new space -- live music with a trio headed by chris spencer. no cover, wine & bubbly available on a cash basis for $ 7, beers for $ 3 -- no need to reserve this space, & complimentary bubbly for all at midnight.

in addition,

we are selling advance tickets for food & wine in the original space -- $ 60 each, buffet all night, some special wines & 2 tickets good for drinks next door. to sign up, please e-mail me at nyeve@mattsinthemarket.com

give me your name & phone info & i will get back to you.

Complete NY Eve info at mattsinthemarket.com

that's it for now --


our dog, sam

the pile of garbage that used to be there

me and nacho in mexico

the walls are coming down