Wednesday, February 07, 2007

the super bowl

for those of you who know me, you might think it funny that i would open by talking about the super bowl, but, you know, i've got time on my hands right now & that really was a pretty good game. lisa & i took the dog to the coast for the weekend & watched the game from various bars in & around ocean shores -- mustaches & mullets, i think you get what i mean.

so, progress:

the last time i wrote, we were passing our plumbing inspection. that was 2 weeks ago.

since then, i regret to say, not a lot has happened.

we came up against a difficult building inspection over some floor issues, not of our making, that have been around for 100 years -- we can now start work again tomorrow. these things come up occasionally on a job like this, which is not surprising when you think about how old all of this stuff is, but still it gets in the way.

in the same vein, we may have to fight a battle with the PDA (my landlord) over upgrading the gas lines into the building, three flights down the stairs from my space, because none of it has been up to code for decades & it seems to be my responsibility to fix it -- i'll let you know if it becomes an issue. once we get past these problems, then we can again go forward.

on a more positive note -- yesterday we solved a big design issue. it was really cool -- we just sat down with the contractors & literally cut strips of tile & figured out how they looked together, & BAM! we had designed the look for our counter. for the past seven months i've been describing the new counter as "a random pattern of tiles" or something like that, not having any clear idea in my own head, but yesterday in about 15 minutes we hashed it out & came to an agreement. i really think you'll like it.

alright, that's it. thank you to the P-I -- if you are just seeing this blog for the first time because of that wonderful writeup today, welcome aboard. seattle P-I, I am grateful. it's all about keeping people informed & i appreciate the help.

have a great valentine's day -- my mom's coming to town & i am taking her to the flower & garden show on friday -- say hello if you see us there.



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