Wednesday, February 07, 2007

lunch & dinner

i was asked to do this weeks ago & forgot until now --

if you want to go out to lunch or dinner while i'm down, & you can't come to my place, here are some suggestions. they are in no particular priority, unless otherwise noted:

lunch --

i assume you want downtown, since you would normally walk to my place --

in addition to the standards like le pichet, cafe campagne & etta's, there is also

pan-africa (right below me on first), 94 stewart (that's their address) & andaluca.

the v-i is still the best place around for a beer & a sandwich -- i go there all the time, even when we're open.

the steelhead diner -- it just opened up & i have only been once, but they are open from 11:30 - 10, tuesday - saturday, so go for that very late lunch. say hello to ebo. it's in the former vivanda space, across pine street to the south of campagne.

pizza or a sandwich at delaurenti. the sandwiches at the crumpet shop. and there's a taco truck that pulls up on first avenue, right by deja vu, every weekday at 10:45.

dinner --

downtown, but not limited to it --

ZOE! did i say that clearly enough -- ZOE! 2nd & blanchard. and they're open on monday nights.

la spiga. lark. ethan's new place in belltown, la tavolata. cremant -- also open for lunch now, but way away from downtown. moxie, open at 4 with a dynamite happy hour.

eat well, we'll see you when we're open,



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