Thursday, May 24, 2007

it's gonna be june

hello. it's gonna be june.

as much as i've tried to be in denial about it, that's the word. late june at that, at best.

there's just too much still to do, and perhaps a couple of things that have to be redone, most notably involving the hood. as you can see from tom's latest photos, the bar top is in. the counter tiles are going in soon, shelving is going up, the dishmachines are here & the hot water tank is installed (it's nice & big -- we like hot water). some time next week the hood will be coming in via the window -- we'll try to get photos.

so there you have it, again. i'm not even going to throw out any dates until we get closer, though i have a couple of ideas. if it's any consolation to you, i usually go without lunch, too.

since i've got a bit of time on my hands, i took a part-time job the other day. if you want to come see me, you can find me cooking in madrona at restaurant cremant, sunday & monday nights (reservations are recommended -- 322-4600). the place is great, the food's really good -- it's great practice for me & it gets my ass off the couch. plus, i live a couple of blocks away -- you can't beat the commute.

there you have it for now -- i'm off to cook catfish sandwiches for the staff of delaurenti. i'll be in touch.

happy 33, chet!



Blogger John said...

Fortunately, one thing every business and economist likes to see is ....

You should be golden through the holiday season !

...your loyal following,

8:19 AM  

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