Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the big eruption

hey, ho. so it goes.

you know i'm always looking for a portentous opening date, so how's about ---

mount saint helens day?

(that's may 18, in case you're not from around here)

it works for me on a lot of levels -- a significant date, one we can achieve if we stop running into troubles. also, it'll be the 27th anniversary of the eruption,
& 27 is my favorite number. what more do we need?

we had a wine tasting in the space the other day -- live jazz, made the food over at chez shea, lots of happy people. the tunes sound great in here, the room looks good. now it's just a matter of getting the last of the stuff in & getting all of our builders back on track. I gotta tell you -- i'm pretty tired of my desk by now.
in mid-may we've got a wine dinner scheduled (it's booked)-- a couple of days later my friends amy & jr are getting married in the space, which is going to be pretty cool. after that we gear up, practice making some food & plan our parties. eventually, we open.
the place is looking great, we just need to get the last 25% done.

so that's what i've got for now. hey, ho.


rip -- billy pilgrim 1923-2007 so it goes.


Blogger Michelle said...


I cannot wait to see the new space, and I am ridiculously excited that it is opening on my birthday :)

Good luck with everything ~

1:41 PM  
Blogger John said...

Rats! I'm flying up from S.F. on the 8th and back on the 14th! Was hoping to bring my fiance in for dinner. Next time!

6:37 PM  
Blogger Drew said...

Can I get an 8:00am reservation please! I want a good seat to watch the kitchen erupt in amazing culinary delight.

Brewer Drew

11:36 AM  

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