Wednesday, April 04, 2007

may day! may day!

OK, how's May Day?

you know, in construction projects like this there's always a hang-up somewhere, & this is no exception. a couple of pieces of vital equipment aren't here -- the hood is still traveling somewhere, the gas lines are yet to be hooked up. we're scraping together the last of our funds so that we can make it all come together. right now, if the gods smile & the pieces fall out of the sky beautifully, we'll be open right around the first of may.

when i was a kid, may day was kind of a big deal. my brother & i would go pick flowers & try to sneak them over to the neighbor's house in the morning, to lay them on their doorstep. i don't know if you were aware that i grew up on a farm, but there's not a whole lot of sneaking up you can do when your driveway's a tenth of a mile long, so i'm sure they always saw us coming.

anyway, keep your eyes open around the start of may, maybe bring me a flower to lay on my doorstep & come see the place firsthand even if it's not quite open, & i hope we're all eating catfish again soon.

hey, ho. matt


Blogger Troy Sandal said...

Couldn't be more excited for the new opening Matt. I'll be booking tickets from SFO to SEA the second you're ready, or perhaps even a few days early. Keep up the great progress!

12:13 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Yay for May! Really looking forward to your reopening and so excited for you. And how sweet of you and your brother--you are just the type of neigbhor I would want.

12:38 PM  

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