Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the ides of march

well, we didn't make the ides of march, as i had said before -- probably not friday the 13th of april, either. i'm running out of portentous dates to choose & may have to just go for something normal, like lisa's birthday or national secretary's day.

ok, so the hood & other equipment aren't getting shipped here as fast as we had thought -- that's all part of building a restaurant, & this is not my first time. we're still finishing design of tabletops & fighting over the barstools. the ceiling has been finished (& it looks fantastic) & the walls are being painted. gas line issues are being resolved & all of that should be getting installed soon. that's the update.

so, what's the deal with the attorney general?

can't any branch of this administration -- justice, perhaps -- be honest for a little while? does anybody out there still believe a word these jokers say to us? i sure as hell don't. exactly where is it they are supporting our troops, if not before, during or after their deployment to the battlefield?

there's my rant for the day. et tu?

so it goes. matt


Blogger Michael said...


I've never worked in the restaurant business, unless you consider having spent an aggregate of over 10 years with my belly tight against a table somewhere, enjoying food like pro athlete on drugs:-), but having spent my working life in manufacturing, I understand that nothing - absolutely nothing - happens on schedule. I used to enjoy telling people that if you thought you could walk the length of the office in 30 seconds, I could almost guarantee that on the way you would step in a waste basket and spend several minutes getting you foot out, and putting you behind schedule.

At any rate, hope it all comes together for you, soon. We've been to the old place a couple of times, but I have to admit that we weren't always patient about waiting for a table. We really enjoyed what you're doing, and now we can look forward to the new digs.

Take care,

Mike Davis

3:41 PM  

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