Wednesday, February 14, 2007

v day

hey, again everyone --

happy valentine's day!!!

i hope you're having a good, romantic time of it -- i am enjoying not having to plan for your dinner right now.

there are a couple of new things to tell you:

- mom's here. i just picked her up downtown & brought her to the house of my friend mama, of mama lil's peppers, where she'll be staying for a couple of days before we take her back to spokane. we're having beef & barley soup tonight with bread from the crumpet shop -- i made the soup in my new crockpot! pretty glamorous, huh? tomorrow night is my next guest chef appearance at farestart, in their new space, so she gets to come to that, too. lisa's valentine's day present was a text message (ask her about it).

- the floor is almost all put back (the sub-floor, that is) -- we've passed our building inspections & are also putting in the drywall. the speakers are wired in, next week we put in the waterproof floor & get close to painting.

- i have a new time estimate for you -- friday, april 13.

that's actually intended to be realistically conservative, based on estimated arrival time of our hood system (yes, we will have one) & some final permits. we've lost a little ground over plumbing & gas line issues, as well as securing the last of our investment, but we're on our way now. if you were to come look in next week, a lot would be different. the holes in the floor will be gone, the walls will be closed up. next we do the flooring, we paint the room & seal the ceiling, we build in the cabinets & counters, hang the lights, then bring in the hot & cold equipment. after that, we choose some new wines & try some new food & eventually let you in.

- next week we will post an e-mail address where you can sign up for opening parties & the mailing list for our opening date -- keep your eyes open.

OK, soup's on & i'm getting hungry -- it's almost time for jeopardy. see you in a couple of days,



Blogger Laura said...

We always dine at Matt's on V-day since we met. But this year, we didn't know what to do! We ended up settling with the farestart, which is as close as we can get to real Matt's, I guess. Looking forward to see the new restaurant!

4:27 PM  

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